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I will TRY to stream tomorrow
I'm sorry I decided to not stream today; my computer got soemthing and my Photoshop crashed along with the work
I've been doing :iconsobbplz: and since there's something important I work for someone I cannot let that happen again today! D:

:iconsulkplz: ......

- - -
- - -

Even if WIP, I hope to get it done soon :)

This is also going to be used in some other places when I'll be submitting my art
-which is why there's focus on "scientifical" and prehistory vibe for my Pokemon artworks,
but don't forget I cannot live without my OCs and planned story too!
art and OCs included here belong to me, Marta Kłeczek
Swampert, Excadrill, Darkrai, Raikou and Aurorus as Pokemon belong to Game Freak
I decided to made this journal in response to one of blueharuka status updates.

I find inspiration to be a beautiful thing that should be shared with many- not to mention I wanna be an inspiration to others :icondragonshyplz:

 You might this list long- and it is, but comparing to the amount of my favourite artists and the ones I watch,
those are really the ones that inspire me. There are some which artwork I love, but uhh....I seriously choosed those
who inspire me.

John Sibbick

My very first inspiration, paleoart of John Sibbick from some dinosaur books of mine.
I'm still amazed by the level of detail and so much going on in each drawing!
The backgrounds, plentiful ecosystem and details.

If you'll google out his name, you'll see where my style and care for details come from.
I've seem many paleoart in dinosaurs books- both mine or in the bookstore (dreaming of buying some more but ehh 
95% of my books are a gift, so yeah...*cough*) </i>and nothing ever compared to John Sibbick's paleoart to me.


Her OCs which are so developed and many detailed headcanons and how much she improved
is simply a pure inspiration to me. Might her style is a bit like that of people who only draw adorable
things and nothing "bad" is shown, like too much sugar put there, but don't let that first impression fool you;
some of her description hide darker or more sad side of her ideas. She just cherishes good things
and moments and strives for beauty in her art. I'm happy to see her grow and improve. :love:

FoxySnowleo  and his creative ideas+ it's a pity he's a writer, because that's why he's overlooked
and often lacks encouragement to post his ideas in many places;
Once I started talking with him, he became one of my biggest inspirations also to push myself harder
to write down my ideas which is somethign painful to me. I hate writing, but his writing and thoughtful talks
are inspiring and motivating to me. :heart:


I am happy to find someone who can show Pokemon in more serious and darker side,
open and creative mind when it comes to show Pokemon differences- be it personal, subspecies or hybrids/ half-breeds.
I also enjoy a lot her detailed OCs or Pokemon profiles sheets :heart:
I also adore her dynamic/ flowy style and that dang, she manages to make her works finished ;^;
I absolutely ADORE her Pokemon World headcanons. :iconmanbabyplz: I'm always squealing inside every time I see a new one!


OH. MY. GAWD! She improved HELL LOT and I adore her artwork, like a lot her OCs and I enjoy so much her Nuzlocke. :iconloveloveplz:

I am impressed and inspired by her improvement and I dream of improving AND keeping making wonderful comic like her.
I adore her main protagonist, for being just a human you can relate to. It's a fictional character, but I can forget about this fact it's fictional

ScientificPokedex from Tumblr.

No kidding, if you know my love to nerdy "poke-science", zoology, paleontology and some other science like astronomy,
you can understand why I adore their submissions- I wish to do such explanations and share great wonders of real World like they do.

Before I found them, my great inspiration for same reasons were TipsyRa1d3n  's Pokemon field guides
-I always skipped writings from "poke-science" as I found them bad and waste of time. Untill I found his work in this topic.


her drawings are marvelous and full of details :heart:

the art reminds me a bit John Sibbick, but only with the care for details and showing prehistoric animals
as animals living in environment.


his paleoart is gorgeous. Gorgeous gorgeous and just gorgeous. :love:

If you haven't seen them yet, just stop reading already and sink into his gallery,
totally worth it!


Another artist who does gorgeous paleoart plus I have recently found

his Youtube channel and I adore his stop motion videos- they're stunning if you realize it was all made stop motion! ;o;


How they
manage to share so much...!? :iconifaintplz:
- my favourite not only for the artstyle, but SO developed OCs too.
I'm amazed how greatly they draw humans, for sure got talent.


He does stunning artwork and I'm in love with his artwork(but artwork only).

I wish he could do more paintings with backgrounds or some interaction between characters/creatures
like in this piece:

Saurian-The Observer by arvalis
this artwork is also one of my top favourites since it reminds an underrated game Paraworld, this piece got great composition and lighting
and I'm sucker for ancient far east culture :meow:
T-Rex vs Samurai by arvalis

and this is something great too I wish we could have more like that and for example be displayed in museum:
Saurian-T. rex Infographic by arvalis

I dream of getting into such level of artwork someday *^*

hope this journal of mine was worth reading!

Regards y'all,

Weirda M. :)

  • Listening to: From rock to violin. Or both. various music
  • Reading: Cannot handle ALL the message box!
  • Watching: What my eyes will spot *u*
  • Playing: THE HARDEST GAME: life
  • Eating: better don\'t ask. Lame things
  • Drinking: I wish wine, but I have water :Y


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